Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a date idea around here. So, I thought with Valentine’s Day coming up I would hop on to write about some of our favorite Valentine dates! And hopefully one of them will look fun to you or will spark a different idea for you and your love! […]

Fall is here!!! The weather in Oregon has been a little crazy lately and this week is in the 90’s! But, the mornings are definitely colder and the fall colors are starting to shine! It’s the perfect time for photos with all of the vibrant colors and textures! So, I have a super fun date […]

Labor Day is coming up! And if you’re anything like us, it’s one day that we don’t really ever have a solid plan. But, that gives us the perfect excuse to see who’s available and just hang out and have fun! For some people Labor Day isn’t necessarily a ‘family’ holiday. It’s that way for […]

This date was SO FUN! Definitely brought out the inner child in both of us! haha. This date is perfect for spring! And SUPER easy and cheap! We just ran to the store (or you could go to the farmer’s market) and each bought 1 cucumber. We picked out our own cucumber and then we […]

GUYS, it’s been SO long since I’ve posted a date idea and I’ve been waiting a whole YEAR to post this one!!! My husband and I did this last year on May 4th and it was SO FUN! We both super love Star Wars and I’ve always thought it would be fun to do something […]

Well, if you are anything like me and my husband, then you LOVE a TOTALLY FREE date! We are working so hard to pay off debt right now so any date idea that doesn’t cost anything is so perfect for us! And it’s a bonus if we can do it at home! So, here’s a […]

Geoff and I love going on weekend getaways! We actually aren’t much for traveling but I feel like we could totally get used to it! Especially after having kids! haha. It’s so nice to just go and not think about any responsibilities or worries! We try to make weekend getaways at least a yearly tradition […]

Okay! I’ve totally been slacking with the date night idea blog posts! Having a baby is crazy guys. Geoff and I have still been having weekly date nights but they have been totally lame! Like movies and eating dinner on the couch every date night! LOL! We’ve both been sick and I was planning my […]

Okay, if you know me at all, then you know that I LOVE games! Board games, card games, anything! I love learning new games and I love playing games. I’m super competitive and I really like challenging myself and seeing how good I can do! Geoffrey, however, doesn’t love games. But, if there’s a fun […]

This date was SO FUN! So, I got the idea from Pinterest of course and it’s from The Dating Divas! They had SO MANY awesome date ideas to choose from and they have lots of free resources. =) So, like most of the date ideas from them, I usually tweak them a little to fit […]


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