Love is what I want you to feel leading up to and on your wedding day! And as an PNW Wedding Photographer and Seattle Wedding Planner, I thrive in helping you feel LOVED and taken care of! It's seriously the best part of what I do! I believe that you deserve to be PRESENT in EVERY MOMENT on your wedding day! That way, you can focus on the most important part, marrying your love! So, trust me to handle the details and you focus on the cheesy stuff, k? ;)

I know it sounds cheesy, but I LOVE love! Ever since I was little, I've had a soft spot for love stories and anything even the slightest bit romantic! I always knew that I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and be around love stories! And I am SO lucky that I get to call wedding photography and wedding planning my job! Your love stories are what fuel me and feed my soul! I love hearing and seeing love stories first hand!

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I have a CRAZY sweet tooth! I even like most of my savory food to taste more on the sweet side! Redvines, Italian ice & mamba ropes are some of my current favorites!



I love crafting, scrapbooking & decorating! I old-school paper scrapbook with my sister once a week and I change my holiday decorations (including pillows & kitchen towels) every month!



My go to drink is half Dr. Pepper, half Root beer with vanilla! And if I can have it with a big bowl of popcorn, it makes me even happier! I also love a good salad and a well done steak!

food & drink


My favorites are any competition reality tv and comedies! Give me some Bachelor series, Friends, HGTV,  New Girl, Amazing Race, Gilmore Girls or cooking shows and I'm set!

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I got married young to my high school sweetheart and we have two cute girls who are total opposites! (Kind of like me and my husband! haha) He is so introverted and would be happy to stay home and never go anywhere for the rest of his life. But, I need a little more connection! I am actually an introvert, but you would never know that when I'm behind a camera or working a wedding! ... I'm a recovering perfectionist but really, I do LOVE details and organization! My house is very neat and tidy and I don't like clutter! Everything has a place and should be kept in that place! (Unless I decide it needs a new place! haha) My favorite color is green and I have yet to find a shade of green that I don't like! 

I'm Sarah!

this is my love story

My family will always be the drive behind my business. The reason I work as hard as I do - I want them to be proud and have the best life possible. 
That's why I care so much about you and your story, your family. Your legacy starts today.


When I met my now husband in high school, I never would have imagined our story would be what it is today. Filled with beautiful messes, laughter, tears and so much unimaginable gratitude. Our love story is my favorite.

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Love stories are my favorite and I can't wait to embrace your unique love story and help you create the wedding of your dreams as your pnw wedding photographer or seattle wedding planner!

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