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February 12, 2021

Valentine Date Ideas | Sarah Tapp Date Ideas | Sarah Tapp Photography

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a date idea around here. So, I thought with Valentine’s Day coming up I would hop on to write about some of our favorite Valentine dates! And hopefully one of them will look fun to you or will spark a different idea for you and your love!

Mystery Valentine Dinner – This date was SO fun! I planned a whole menu of Valentine food and I even made lots of things in heart shape! Then I made this menu that had 3 options for each course and none of their names had anything to do with food! haha. And of course I knew which food was assigned to which number but Geoffrey didn’t so it was still fun! Geoffrey picked which numbers he wanted and I served him in the order he chose. Which ended up being totally random! So, you could have dessert first. haha. This date would also be SO fun as a group and you could even try to figure out how to make all the food white, pink, red and purple! You can see and read more about our mystery Valentine dinner here.

14 days of Love – This date is perfect if you are on a tight budget and don’t have much to spend for Valentine’s Day. Starting on February 1st, you write a letter and give one to your love each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. When I did this, I followed some journal prompts like these… ‘When is a time you were very proud to be married to your partner?, Describe a date you’ve been on when you’ve had a lot of fun?’. But you could totally just write a letter each day and give it to your love!

Weekend getaway – This is seriously one of our favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I mean, a whole weekend without kids? Heck yeah! We don’t get to do this every year, but the first year we got the opportunity to, we went to St. George for the parade of homes! We just stayed in a hotel and had so much fun walking through all the homes without kids! haha. This year we rented an airbnb and are going to make a romantic dinner and just chill!

Heart attacking – So, the first year Geoff and I were married we were pretty broke so I had to get creative with Valentine’s Day (and every other holiday for that matter). But I wanted this holiday to be special. So, I cut out paper hearts for every day we had been married and on each one I wrote a reason why I loved him. I numbered them and put them all over the house for him to find and read. And at the end his gift was getting to spend time with me! …This may seem too simple, but I had 92 hearts because we had been married 92 days. So, it took a lot of work to write on all of them and I don’t know about you, but I love hearing reasons why people love and appreciate me so I’m sure it would mean a lot to your love too. And of course, if you’ve been married for a longer amount of time you could just do 50 hearts or some other significant number.

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