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September 2, 2019

Weekend Getaway | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Geoff and I love going on weekend getaways! We actually aren’t much for traveling but I feel like we could totally get used to it! Especially after having kids! haha. It’s so nice to just go and not think about any responsibilities or worries! We try to make weekend getaways at least a yearly tradition but we’re hoping to be able to get away more often!

It’s so important to take time for your marriage! These weekends always leave us feeling more connected and renewed! Even if we have disagreements, it’s such a great time to talk and to work on things together! And if you have kids, you know exactly what I mean! It’s so hard to even carry a normal conversation with kids around let alone talk about communication and what’s really been on your mind lately. Geoff and I actually just went on a quick weekend trip about about a month ago and I learned that Geoff doesn’t like to be interrupted in conversations! Whaaaa!? And let me tell ya, I interrupt him ALL THE TIME! So, that’s definitely something I’ll be working on! But if we hadn’t have gone on that trip, it probably would have been a while before I realized that that was an issue for us! And of course, it’s just nice to be able to get out without the kids!

So, this particular weekend Geoff and I were a little crazy and decided to make an 8 hour car drive to St. George, Utah to see the Parade of Homes there! I LOVE the Parade of Homes. Any city, anywhere and I am up for touring houses! I don’t pride myself on being a very good interior designer or even knowing anything about building. But there’s something about looking at homes that just makes my heart happy! I love seeing all the different styles, decor and layouts of the houses! And St. George did not disappoint! We went back in February and we thought, yes, it’ll be warmer there. Well, the snow followed us. So it was pretty chilly, but the views were gorgeous! We spent 2 days looking at so many homes and driving allllll over the place! But it was so fun and totally worth it! … What’s the best weekend getaway you’ve been on!?

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