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January 28, 2019

Wiki Wars | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Okay! I’ve totally been slacking with the date night idea blog posts! Having a baby is crazy guys. Geoff and I have still been having weekly date nights but they have been totally lame! Like movies and eating dinner on the couch every date night! LOL! We’ve both been sick and I was planning my best friends wedding, BUT, I did get a little creative for one of our last date nights when we were both feeling kind of okay. So, I found this idea on Pinterest (that’s where I get all my ideas!) and it was SO FUN! Like, way more fun that I thought it would be! Probably mostly because I’m SUPER competitive. So, the date idea was to have wiki wars! You decide on a wikipedia page to end on and then you start on a completely different wikipedia page and try to navigate to the other page faster than your spouse can! The catch is that you can only use the links within the wikipedia page to get to the final destination. So, we did a couple different rounds, but the first one we did, the end page was gluten. I started on Jennifer Anniston and Geoffrey started on Hugh Jackman so it was a pretty even playing field. And I totally beat him SO bad! I remember thinking I had to find some sort of food in order to get to gluten. So, somewhere along the lines I found hamburgers and then I found bread and then I found flour! haha! It was awesome! And so so fun! So, even when you’re exhausted or sick, you can still have a fun date night!


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