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20 totally free date ideas | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Sarah Tapp Photography

Well, if you are anything like me and my husband, then you LOVE a TOTALLY FREE date! We are working so hard to pay off debt right now so any date idea that doesn’t cost anything is so perfect for us! And it’s a bonus if we can do it at home! So, here’s a few free date ideas that we’ve tried and a few that we will for sure be trying in the future! Happy Valentine’s Day this weekend!

1 ~ Have a nerf gun war

2 ~ Go on a long drive and just talk, see where you end up!

3 ~ Play board games

4 ~ Go star gazing

5 ~ Take the love languages quiz and talk about your love languages

6 ~ Go to the park and play on the playground like you were a kid again!

7 ~ Have a mystery dinner date

8 ~ Watch the sunset together

9 ~ Go window shopping

10 ~ Build a fort in your living room and then watch a movie in it

11 ~ Throw popcorn or grapes to each other and try to catch it in your mouth!

12 ~ Plan a trip together

13 ~ Have a cookie bake-off

14 ~ Get outside and play frisbee (or any other sport)

15 ~ Play spouse scattergories

16 ~ Go for a hike

17 ~ Draw out your dream house

18 ~ Have a scavenger hunt at the mall or Walmart

19 ~ Go on a walk together

20 ~ Sit on the couch and have Wikipedia wars!

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