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November 26, 2018

Reading Each Other’s Mind | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

This date was SO FUN! So, I got the idea from Pinterest of course and it’s from The Dating Divas! They had SO MANY awesome date ideas to choose from and they have lots of free resources. =) So, like most of the date ideas from them, I usually tweak them a little to fit Geoff and I. And this one was so fun! We went out to dinner first and ordered for each other and surprise, I STILL take forever to make decisions even when it’s not for me! But it was super fun to try and decide what the other person would want. =) Then we went shopping and instead of picking out outfits for each other (because I’m 8 months pregnant and nothing fits anyways), we went to Barnes and Noble and looked at the games! We chose games that we thought the other person would like to play so that was super fun too! And if you have the money, you could totally buy one of the games to try out! After that, we went to get a treat and ordered for each other again and then we answered all the fun questions together when we got home! We learned new things about each other and it was super fun to connect in a different way!

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