Sarah's Date Ideas

June 15, 2020

Cucumber boats | Date Ideas | Sarah Tapp Photography

This date was SO FUN! Definitely brought out the inner child in both of us! haha. This date is perfect for spring! And SUPER easy and cheap! We just ran to the store (or you could go to the farmer’s market) and each bought 1 cucumber. We picked out our own cucumber and then we headed to the park! You’ll want to find a park with a little stream or river. Once we got there we sat down on a shaded bench and pulled out some utensils (we just used plastic knives). Then we got to carving! Once we were finished carving, we decided on a start point and an end point for our cucumber boat race! We set out cucumbers in the water and let them go at the same time. And then of course, we ran along the course to see who’s cucumber would win. haha! I honestly don’t even remember who’s won but it was so fun to get out and do something creative!

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