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Fall is here!!! The weather in Oregon has been a little crazy lately and this week is in the 90’s! But, the mornings are definitely colder and the fall colors are starting to shine! It’s the perfect time for photos with all of the vibrant colors and textures!

So, I have a super fun date idea for you that I have totally tested out! My husband’s best friend’s wife is also a photographer and we really wanted to exchange couple photos! We did this last year in the Spring but it was so much fun to just have a date with another couple! We left our kiddos home, got all dressed up and headed out! Now, Jaycee and I are both photographers, but you do not need to be a photographer to have fun with this date! You can even make it comical instead of serious!

For us, it was just fun to hang out and be able to get creative since we don’t always get that chance with clients. And the photos turned out great! We had such a blast and even though it’s a little awkward to be in front of the camera, it was good to get out of our comfort zones!

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