These Sagebrush Mountain Engagements turned out way better than I thought they would since it’s Spring in Idaho! haha. But seriously, everything is brown right now so I really had to think about a location that would work without going too far into the mountains. They didn’t really want snowy pictures so I found this […]

Displaying photos in my house just makes it feel more like home, especially now that I have kids! I LOVE seeing all the memories we’ve had and the different ages of my girls. Seeing their growth in photos from year to year just makes my heart happy! But I know that displaying your photos can […]

Ah! I feel like Hair and Makeup Artists are SO under-rated! What they can do is INCREDIBLE! So, I am super excited to be featuring the Best Hair and Makeup Artists for your Wedding! And if you want to see the last Vendor Feature Series post, you can look at my Southeast Idaho Wedding Florists […]

Having a wedding in March or April in Idaho is always a gamble with the weather. Sometimes it’s super beautiful and green and warm and other times there’s still 3 feet of snow on the ground and it’s cold. haha! We lucked out with this Idaho Falls Spring Temple Wedding and the snow was almost […]

Ah, this is a super vulnerable post for me! I’m not great at promoting myself or seeing how far I’ve come. .. I don’t like to brag ..uh. … So, this is SUCH a stretch for me. BUT, I know that it’s SO important to look at where we’ve come from and see where we […]

Next up in our Vendor Feature Series is the best SouthEast Idaho Wedding Florists! I have worked with many of these florists and they all do an AMAZING job but all have different perspectives and styles! First up is Historia Florals in Idaho Falls Idaho. I have known the owner Shania for years. We connected […]

Well, I’ve taken photos of two of the girlies in this family already! Alice and Evelyn. I took photos of Alice when I had just started in photography so I don’t have a blog post of her photos, but I do have one up of Evelyn, which you can see here! When Emily asked me […]

This will be the first blog in my Vendor Feature series! I’ve been in this industry long enough to know a lot of the wedding vendors in East Idaho and I can’t WAIT to share my favorites with you! I am starting out with Venues! So, here are some of the BEST Venues in East […]

Awh, I LOVED this Fall Family Mini Session! Especially because it was of my brother-in-law and his cute family. His wife Jamie and I have become close because we were the first in-laws in the family. haha. Geoff and I had our first daughter before Donnie & Jamie started having kids but they also have […]

Well, if I didn’t convince you with my Wedding Planning day of blog post that hiring a Wedding Coordinator is worth it, I’ll try again here! haha! Here are my top 3 reasons to hire a wedding coordinator! ~1~ So you don’t have to keep track of anything! This is huge for your wedding day! […]


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