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Well, if I didn’t convince you with my Wedding Planning day of blog post that hiring a Wedding Coordinator is worth it, I’ll try again here! haha! Here are my top 3 reasons to hire a wedding coordinator!

~1~ So you don’t have to keep track of anything! This is huge for your wedding day! Most wedding coordinators will meet with you or at least chat before your wedding so they have all the details they need to make sure everything runs smoothly WITHOUT your help! That way, you don’t have be worrying about when the caterer gets there, when the DJ gets there, when the photographer gets there. You don’t have to worry about making sure the caterer has the right kitchen equipment. You don’t have to tell the DJ where to set up. AND, you don’t even have to worry about everyone else getting ready. Your coordinator will make sure everyone is ready on time and will be the one telling people if they need to get ready. That way, you can focus on getting yourself ready and enjoying it!

~2~ My second reason why to hire a wedding coordinator is because they know exactly what to do when problems arise. They will not only make sure your day runs smoothly, but they will handle any hiccups along the way as well. If there’s a problem with a guest or a wedding crasher or one of the vendors is late or not going to show up, the wedding coordinator will take care of it! Most of the time, they will take care of it without you even knowing about it! As and Idaho Wedding Coordinator, I will make sure that EVERYONE involved in your wedding knows that they need to come to ME first and NOT you! This makes it so much easier to solve problems and make sure that you just have an amazing day!

~3~ So you can actually ENJOY your wedding! There are SO many people that do a lot of DIY for their wedding and I totally get that! And I’m not saying that if you hire a coordinator, you can’t do a DIY wedding. I’m just saying that hiring a day of wedding coordinator will make it so you’re not worried on your wedding day. You will know that you have someone specific there to make sure things go smoothly and that is a HUGE relief! That way, you can just focus on enjoying your day! Practicing your vows, being in the moment and being present, really being able to take everything in and being able to think about marrying your best friend! You’ll have time to eat and just be! Pictures will be WAY less stressful because you’ll be able to focus on them and not have a mile long to do list running through your head!

Hiring a day of wedding coordinator is totally a game changer for weddings and it’s no surprise that everything will run smoother if you do hire one! So, there’s my top 3 reasons to hire a wedding coordinator!


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