January 8, 2024

2024 goals

Oh man, this post has felt like a long time coming. haha. I usually start to think about my goals for the next year at the end of my busy season (Oct/Nov). And while things did slow down for me in October, November and December have been a little busier so I haven’t had the time to actually sit down and write out my 2024 goals yet. But I have been thinking about them. Making goals at the start of every year is sometimes overwhelming to me. I have really high expectations for myself and if I haven’t met them by the end of the year, I tend to be hard on myself. But, I am learning to give myself grace and notice my growth and accomplishments instead of focusing so much on what I haven’t done or what has gone wrong.

2023 was a good year for me. I learned a lot about myself and really pushed myself in my business. I accomplished things I thought I was too scared and too under-qualified to accomplish. And even though some things didn’t go the exact way I wanted, I still did them and I’m so proud of myself for that. Here’s to hoping I can dream even bigger and accomplish even more in 2024!

Well, if you’ve been following along for the past few years, you’ll know that I always pick a word or phrase to focus on at the beginning of each year. Last year, my word was intentional. And I put a lot of thought into that word and what it would look like to focus on it for 2023. And for the most part, I did really well. I am sure there were times when I could have done better, but mostly, I was very intentional with my time and energy and it served me well. … For one of my 2024 goals, I have chosen to focus on the word BELIEVE. … This has actually been a long time coming. This word has been on my list every December since I’ve started this. … And every January, I pick a different word or phrase. … And ya know why? Because I’ve been TOO scared that if I picked this word, I would fail. … Believing is something that has never come easy to me. … I am VERY hard on myself and though it may look like I have all the confidence in the world on the outside, there are so many things that I don’t believe I can do. … Limiting myself, doubting myself and doubting other things and people is just in my nature. And I hate it. … In fact, my husband and I just had a conversation about how I always fear the worst. When anything goes wrong, or even if everything is going well, I try to prepare for and expect the worst. … Probably because I hate feeling like a failure so if I prepare myself for failure then I won’t be disappointed, right? WRONG! It doesn’t help at all. AND it ends up actually limiting me into not accomplishing my dreams! Which is crazy!!!! So, I finally feel brave enough to take on this word for 2024. And I KNOW it will be hard for me. But nothing great ever comes easy right?

Whooo. … Now that I dropped that heaviness on you. … Here is one of my 2024 business goals! To host a bridal fair! This past year I attended a bridal fair as a vendor and I thought to myself, ‘why am I not doing this!?’. Well, refer back to the fear of failure. … But, l have finally decided to push myself and just go for it! I have attended countless bridal fairs since I have been in business and I have really enjoyed all of them! It forces me outside of my comfort zone and gives me an opportunity to showcase my business! So, I will be teaming up with an amazing venue in this area and will host my first bridal fair in May 2024! I can’t wait to bring wedding vendors and couples together to create wedding dreams!!

What are some of your 2024 goals?



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