Geoffrey! We made it 8 years! Ah, I feel like I always put off writing this every year but then I’m always so glad I did. … I feel like this is the year that I finally realized we’re not newlyweds anymore. haha! I mean, I know we haven’t been newlyweds for a while, but […]

Lately, I have been SO stressed. I’m generally a stressed person anyway and I worry about things I shouldn’t, but the last couples months have been extreme. I feel like I’ve been on overdrive every second and I never have a chance to just relax. In April, my sister and I bought a bunch of […]

I was sitting in my daughters room feeding her this morning and I looked in her closet and saw her ultrasounds, first pacifier from the hospital and some newborn diapers that family and friends had written little messages on. And I thought, she used to fit into those diapers. Look at her now, growing every […]

Wow. Having a baby is CRAZY! After having a miscarriage in October of 2015, I was super excited and also SO NERVOUS to be pregnant in April of 2016. By the time Adalynn was ready to come, it still hadn’t quite hit me yet that I was going to be a mom. Labor was rough. […]

When I found out that we were having a baby girl I was SO excited! I had secretly always wanted a girl first. But, I was a little bummed because we are in a rental house so I knew I couldn’t paint or really change much. Well, I was talking to my landlord one day […]

Well, as you can imagine, after we got married, life was great! We moved into a small, old apartment in Idaho Falls with electric heat and a guy who lived above us that smoked all the time. We didn’t have a kitchen table so we used an upside down box and sat on the couch […]

After Geoff and I got engaged, I started planning the wedding! Actually, truth be told, I bought my wedding dress before Geoffrey even proposed. haha! But once it was actually official, I started getting everything together! I wanted to do a lot of things myself because I love weddings! And I’m super picky. So, I […]

I’m a pretty picky person so ring shopping seemed to go on forever! I finally narrowed it down to 3 rings and I told Geoff to pick and I would be happy with any of them. Well…he kept asking me which one I liked best and I kept trying to get him to pick. haha. […]

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in July of 2014 and Geoffrey came home from his mission in August! I remember going to the airport with his family to welcome him home. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen because I didn’t know if it would take him a while to adjust back to […]

I am a Latter-Day Saint (aka. Mormon) and so is my husband Geoff. In the church, all young men who are age 18 and young women who are 19 are encouraged to serve 2 year missions for the church. They go to a different state or country and teach the people there about the Gospel […]


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