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October 18, 2017

Life and struggles | Sarah’s Story | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Lately, I have been SO stressed. I’m generally a stressed person anyway and I worry about things I shouldn’t, but the last couples months have been extreme. I feel like I’ve been on overdrive every second and I never have a chance to just relax. In April, my sister and I bought a bunch of home decor and decided to start a store. It was a brand new store and we had several expenses, but I was so excited! I was excited that something was finally happening. After I quit my job when I was pregnant with Adalynn, I decided I didn’t want to go back to work after she was here. But, a few months after she was born, I started getting antsy. And, instead of just hunkering down and working hard on my photography business, I got distracted. Distracted with something that would make more money and take less effort….but boy oh boy was I wrong.

I never learn things the easy way and after realizing that the home decor store was taking up all my time and starting to strain my relationships, I knew something had to change. I took a couple weeks to really think about what I wanted and what the Lord wanted from me. And I realized that I wanted to change people’s lives. I wanted to share my love and God’s love with others. I wanted to encourage marriage and family and love. I wanted to capture memories and moments that sometimes we tend to forget, but remember if we can see them. On October 21st, my parents will have been married for 40 years. 40 YEARS. That’s a BIG deal. And when I think about their marriage and the love they have for each other and their family, I can’t help but tear up. I can’t help but think that that’s what I want. And trust me, their marriage hasn’t been easy, but it wasn’t meant to be. Nothing in this life was meant to be easy. And that’s okay. It’s okay to learn things the hard way, because if we don’t, then how will we know any better?

Our last day at the home decor store is October 21st and it is so bittersweet. I love the memories I have made and the people that supported us, but I know that my marriage and my family are more important. My photography business is more important. Not because of the money, but because I love it. Because I love love and because I want every marriage to last forever. I want my couples to know what it feels like to love so deeply and to be loved so deeply that nothing else matters. To know that God is in charge and that with him, anything is possible.

Photo Credit ~ Megan Lee Photography

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