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November 15, 2022

Happy 8 year anniversary | A letter to Geoffrey | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events


We made it 8 years! Ah, I feel like I always put off writing this every year but then I’m always so glad I did. … I feel like this is the year that I finally realized we’re not newlyweds anymore. haha! I mean, I know we haven’t been newlyweds for a while, but this is the year that I’ve really looked back at our relationship before we got married and the first couple of years that we were married and felt like they were memories now instead of events that just happened. … And that might sound a little sad, but it’s actually made me really happy. Because I can look back on all we’ve been through and remember all the reasons why we fell in love. When I first met you, I remember not really thinking one thing or the other. You were very quiet, but around close friends you were SO funny, very unique and not like other guys. You were SO respectful! And so much so that my best friend had to convince you to tell me that you were interested in me. I fell in love with you because you were calm, respectful, loving, caring, genuine and most of all you made me feel safe and secure. I loved (and still love) that your interests and hobbies are unique and that you were always coming up with some new crazy idea! But also, they weren’t that crazy because you’re actually smart enough to figure out how to make them work! haha. And all this time, I thought you weren’t creative! 😉 I love how strong of a sense you have to provide for us and our family and how intensely you protect us and want to make sure we’re all safe. But you also don’t worry about that small stuff, which is a quality I love about you! And a quality that I definitely don’t have. haha. You always know how to help me not worry about things and encourage me that everything is going to be okay. I am so grateful for you and can’t wait for another 8 years. Happy 8 Year Anniversary Hun! Love you!

Love, Sarah


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