Oh man… this might be a hard post for me. I feel like I try to be pretty open about myself on social media, so there might be some things you do already know about me on this post. But, I’ll try super hard to make sure it’s new information! 1 ~ I hate following […]

Client experience is SO IMPORTANT to me and I want to make SURE that you have an amazing time during sessions and on your wedding day! So, I wanted to share a behind the scenes look into exactly how I take care of you during the whole process! From first contact to image delivery! Even […]

This couple is SO FUN! They have 4 sweet little kiddos and they’ve been married for 12 years! When I first met them, Caven looked SO familiar to me! We kept trying to figure out why during the whole session and could never come up with anything. BUT, Andrea & Caven were so comfortable with […]

Okay, little tidbit about me. ~ I have a TERRIBLE memory. ~ But really, I can remember things super well for a short period of time. (That’s how I got straight A’s all through high school and most of college) But, you ask me what happened a year ago or 5 years ago, or 15 […]

I have had the pleasure of working with Laneige Bridal & Tuxedo (formerly Harts Tux & Gown) many times and I am always impressed! They are so willing to help with anything and everything! I’ve gone to them multiple times with different visions or even no vision at all for styled shoots and they are […]

I actually knew Morgan growing up and babysat her and her siblings, so when I heard she was engaged, I almost couldn’t believe it! (Talk about making me feel old!) But, I am so excited for her and couldn’t be happier that I get to be a part of her big day! Her and Jay […]

I am the type of person who is constantly striving to be better. I’m always setting goals for myself and just in the last couple years, I’ve been setting business goals as well. Each year, I focus on 5 personal goals and 5 business goals. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve shared […]

Wedding days are so stressful and crazy but, believe or not, they’re my favorite! I’d shoot a wedding any day over anything else! I love being able to be there for my couples, and specifically for my brides on their big day. I love being able to serve them and organize their day so they […]

The Venue Studios in Rigby does an annual Marry Market every spring! They invite lots of wedding and event vendors to join them and we meet hundreds of brides! And this year, we pulled together a couple styled shoots at the end of the event. This first one was soooo dreamy and had all the […]


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