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August 25, 2023

Idaho Wedding Photographer and Planner Experience | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Your client experience is something that is SO IMPORTANT to me! I always try to under-promise and over-deliver! My main goal is to SERVE YOU, help you feel loved and help you to ENJOY YOUR WEDDING! Whether that is just at your engagement session as your photographer or if that’s planning your whole wedding from start to finish as your planner. I want your Idaho Wedding Photographer and Planner Experience to be the best it possibly can! The most important aspect of my job is to MAKE SURE that YOU are HAPPY! I have systems and workflows in my business that ensure each client is treated with the same respect and given the same personal experience. From first contact to final image delivery or end of wedding day, I want to make sure that your experience is positive and uplifting in every way! But in order for you to have the best experience possible, there are a couple things YOU CAN DO before you even book with me and during/after your wedding!

The first major thing is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK! When you start to look up photographers or planners and come across my website and my work, I want you to take TIME to look at ALL of it! I want you to look at my homepage, my portfolio, my investment page, the love notes from clients. I want you to read a couple of my blog posts, get to know me in the about section of my website and most importantly, read about the experience you’ll have in the details section when you hire me as your wedding photographer or planner! There have been a few times as an Idaho Wedding Photographer when I’ve had clients ask me to drastically edit their images after they’ve received them. Each photographer has a specific editing style and generally sticks to it. I talk more in depth about my editing style HERE. My style is very bright and light so if you’re looking for a more moody look, then I am not the right photographer for you! And that is perfectly okay! For Idaho Wedding Planning, I am VERY detail oriented and systematic. I like to plan things out to the ‘T’ and follow through exactly as planned if possible. So, if you’re looking for a planner that’s more fun and will hype you up, I’m probably not the right fit for you. And that’s okay! You need to have vendors for your wedding that will show up in the way that YOU want them to. This day is ALL ABOUT YOU! So, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with every vendor you hire! … I also want you to get to know me. I want you to have a personal connection with me even before we meet. And I want you to know that I am going to serve you and help you and your love focus even more on each other during the most important day of your life! Because a wedding is the beginning of a marriage. It’s the beginning of a forever commitment to one another. To love, to sacrifice, to compromise, to comfort and to lift. And overall, my main goal with your Idaho Wedding Photographer and Planner Experience is to help you and your love ENJOY YOUR WEDDING!

The second thing you can do for the best experience possible with me is ASK QUESTIONS! I don’t want you to make any decisions without having all the information beforehand. No question is a dumb question! I love chatting with you and getting to know you to determine if I’m the best fit for you! And I want it to go both ways! You need to be happy with your decision in me or else your experience isn’t going to be the best that it can be! So ask all the questions and get all the information you need to be the happiest you can be with hiring me as your Idaho Wedding Photographer or Idaho Wedding Planner!

The third and final thing you can do is to FILL ME IN ON THE DETAILS AND TRUST ME! I can do my job SO much better when I have all the information! Even if you don’t have all the details set yet, let me know that you’re still figuring it out so I’m not trying to guess what’s happening! Over-communication is so much better than no communication! I want to hear about every idea you have, every hiccup you have, anything you need help with! I am there for it all! It’s also a HUGE compliment when you TRUST ME to do my job and to do it well! When I have your trust, I know that you believe I will do EVERYTHING I can to serve you and make your day the BEST it can possibly be! It’s seriously the greatest compliment when a bride says, ‘Let my photographer handle that’, or ‘Talk to my planner about that’. Handling the details and stress is what I’m there for, so let me do that and trust that I will do that to the best of my abilities! Making your Idaho Wedding Photographer and Planner Experience the best it can be is what I live for and I CAN’T WAIT to make your wedding dreams a reality!

For more information about booking, pricing and availability, head over to my PRICING page or my CONTACT FORM on my website!


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