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September 29, 2023

What to wear for your photo session | Sarah’s Tips | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

It is SO HARD to figure out what to wear for photos! I do this ALL the time and I even take MONTHS to find outfits for our own family pictures! haha! (I’m also a bit of a perfectionist though) So, I know that coordinating outfits can be tough! BUT, I want to give you a few tips to make figuring out what to wear for your photo session SO much easier!

~ 1st ~ Be COMFORTABLE! The whole point of your photo session is to make sure you are CONNECTING and having FUN! As an Idaho Wedding Photographer and Idaho Family Photographer, I want to capture YOUR relationship! And if you have to constantly be tugging on your clothes or fixing your hair, it’s not fun, trust me! Let me worry about those details and you just focus on enjoying the session! Of course, I wouldn’t suggest wearing sweatpants or t-shirts but finding other comfy options that you and your love or you and your family look and feel great in is perfect! Dresses, sweaters, boots, jeans and even casual button-ups for the guys are great options!

~ 2nd ~ Colors! If you have red hair and you look terrible in yellow, then don’t wear it! If you’re like me and you’re super pale, don’t wear a color that will wash you out! Find colors that you guys look good in and coordinate with those! It’s also a good idea NOT to pick neon or super bright colors. They tend to cast weird color shadows on your faces in images. Also, make sure you pick 1 or 2 neutrals to go with your colors. Neutrals bring everything together and make other colors cohesive!

~ 3rd ~ Patterns! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Please, PLEASE don’t have everyone come in the exact same solid color shirt! Contrast is always better! Just make sure you don’t pick 2 patterns that clash with each other. For family photos, if you’re wearing a big floral print dress, maybe have one of your kids wear something that has a small plaid print in a neutral color that matches your dress! Then have your spouse and other kids wear solid colors! For engagement photos, patterns are always welcome! If you want to mix patterns, I’d suggest a bold big pattern for one of you and a small simple pattern for the other. A pattern and a solid also always look SO good together!

~ 4th ~ Accessorize, layer and add texture! Wear your favorite jewelry, your favorite cardigan, boots, etc. You’ll want to make sure that all of your outfits look finished! Even adding a bow to a daughter’s hair for family photos helps SO much! These details can often help to tie clothes together and finish your outfits!

And if you still have trouble figuring out what to wear for your photo session, head to my WHAT TO WEAR FOR YOUR PHOTO SESSION PINTEREST BOARD! You can also ALWAYS text me options and I’ll give my honest opinion! I love helping couples and families connect and that’s exactly what I want you to experience in your photo session! So if we can figure out outfits beforehand so you don’t have to worry about it, it’s a HUGE help and then I can focus on getting the BEST images possible for you!!

And if you want to see a recent session with some fall outfit inspo, check out my FALL COLORS MINI SESSION!









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