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March 15, 2024

5 ways to relieve stress while planning your wedding

Planning your own wedding is so exciting and fun! But there are so many details to remember and things to get done. So, it’s no wonder it can get stressful. Today, I wanted to give you 5 ways to relieve stress while planning your wedding so you can enjoy the process and enjoy your wedding day!

~ 1 ~ Plan ahead! This is SO important! I know human nature is to leave things until the last minute and then rush to get them done, but I promise you, if you plan things early and get things done sooner, your life will be SO much easier! Sit down and make a timeline and stick to it! Pick a day of the week to work on wedding details and spend the whole day on it. Or set aside an hour each day to focus on getting things done. That way, everything won’t be left until the last minute and you won’t be rushing to get everything done! I am currently working on an incredible Wedding Planning Guide to help you through this process! But for now, this wedding planning checklist should help you get started and on the right track! 

~ 2 ~ Let the professionals handle what you don’t know how to do. We all have different talents and strengths and it’s best to let the professionals handle what they’re good at! I’ve learned from experience. I decided that I wanted to make my own wedding cake, crazy, right? So, I had it all planned in my head but didn’t start on it until the day before the wedding! AH! I still remember having a total breakdown while I was trying to roll out fondant and cover the cake. Now, getting married is super exciting and can be overwhelming and some breakdowns are destined to happen, but I KNOW that if I hadn’t taken on making my own cake, I could have spent that day relaxing and focusing on my love instead of having to worry about all the last minute details.

~ 3 ~ Take some time for you! I know a lot of brides that plan weddings while they’re in school or working a full-time job. Thinking about everything you have to get done on a daily basis can get overwhelming just normally, and then planning a wedding on top of that is super stressful! It’s so important to make sure you have time to relax and un-wind and not think about wedding details. Whether that’s taking a bath every night or going shopping once a week. It looks different for everyone, but make sure to plan things that help you relieve stress!

~ 4 ~ Go on regular date nights! This one is SO important! Getting married is so exciting and you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your relationship alive! I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal because you’re probably spending every free minute with your fiancee. But, taking time to actually plan a date once a week and making it happen is so helpful! Put your phones away and make sure there are no distractions! Take a break from wedding planning but plan a variety of different activities for date nights and continue to get to know each other more. After all, you’ll be married soon!

~ 5 ~ Be flexible. If you’re anything like me, then you had an exact plan for what you wanted for your wedding. And in my case, it meant that I spent way more money than I should have and was super stressed about details. Being able to compromise and be flexible is so important, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get what you want. It is your day and you should make sure that you have the things that are truly important to you! But know that allowing yourself to be flexible will take a lot of stress off too! 

I hope these 5 ways to relieve stress while planning your wedding will help the process to go so much more smoothly and allow you to enjoy and truly be present on your wedding day! And if you’re looking for more wedding planning help, you can head to my Wedding Timeline Tips post! 


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