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October 11, 2016

What to wear for your fall session | Sarah’s Tips | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Fall is such a gorgeous time of year! And usually that’s when you get an update on family pictures. But, how do you figure out what to wear with all the beautiful fall colors!? Well, let me help.
First, pick a color palette. ~ Do you want to be wearing warm colors, mostly neutrals or cool colors? What do you or most of your family look good in? Try to stay away from everyone wearing the same color. Contrast is always better! Once you decided if you want warm or cool colors, look through your closet. Pick a couple different colors and coordinate each family member. If you pick green and blue, have mom wear a green top with a patterned scarf. Have dad wear a blue plain shirt. Have one of the kids wear a green stripped shirt. And don’t forget to mix in neutrals! Pick one or two neutrals to mix in with the blue and green and that will make picking an outfit a whole lot easier!
Second, don’t be afraid to mix patterns. ~ There are so many patterns that actually go perfect together! Just make sure you don’t pick patterns that are too similar. If mom is wearing bold strips, then have dad wear a smaller, calmer print. If one child is wearing plaid, have another child wear a smaller print (maybe little polka dots). If mom is wearing a floral, have dad wear plaid. But make sure your colors go together. If mom’s flowers are red, yellow and blue, make sure dad’s plaid shirt has at least one of those colors.
Third, accessorize. ~ Do you have a super cute favorite pair of boots that you wear every single day in the fall? Wear those! Boots are a perfect accessory and they go with everything! Scarves are another fun accessory. They come in tons of colors and patterns and are an easy piece to coordinate with everyone else! They also add fun texture to your photos. Bold necklaces can add some fun texture and color to your outfit as well.
Fourth, layer. ~ Fall is pretty unpredictable, especially in this area. So, plan with layers in mind. If you have a super cute jacket that you love to wear, pick a long sleeve sweater to go underneath. If it’s too warm, you can take the jacket off, if not, it still goes with your sweater! Vests are another great option for layering. They add texture and dimension to your outfit. For dad or son, maybe try a button up shirt with a sweater over it.
Fifth, be comfortable ~ Especially if you are dressing your whole family for a session, comfort is so important! It’s hard for little kids, and sometimes even adults to last an hour for family photos. So, anything we can do to help them be comfortable is important. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that your kids should wear pjs. But, if you have kids that like to wear sweatpants, maybe have them wear solid black so they look more like jeans. Or have your girl wear leggings with a cute fall dress. There are so many comfy + cute options out there!
For more inspiration on what to wear for your session, take a look at my Pinterest board!

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