October 17, 2016

Stacey & Ethan | Fall Bridals | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Stacey and Ethan have a unique story. They dated in college but Ethan still wanted to serve a mission. Well, Ethan left on his mission and then Stacey decided to go on a mission too. While she was on her mission, Stacey wrote Ethan off. She ‘dear john’ed him! Well, Stacey came home from her mission early because of health reasons and because of this, she was home when Ethan got home from his mission. She was sure that they weren’t going to get back together and was ‘firm in her decision’.
Well, they both ended up back at the same college and started hanging out again. But I think the rest is best told in her words. ‘We hung out a couple times…and eventually we were hanging out all the time. I still said we were not dating. Eventually a friend asked some very personal questions of Ethan when I was not around. She asked if he wanted to date me again, even after everything happened. He said “If she wants to date me I wouldn’t say no, but she has to decide.” After a week of thinking about it and looking at all aspects, I decided to get back together. He warned me “If we start dating, I plan to date you with the intent of one day marrying you!”’
And here we are! Ethan knew all along that they were going to get married, Stacey just took a little convincing, but they could not be more happier! This couple is perfect for each other! I’ve seen them struggle and I’ve seen them happier than ever before and that tells me that they have what it takes to make a marriage last, for time and all eternity.

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