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October 5, 2016

Rigby Lake | My Love Story | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Love and relationships mean so much to me and I believe that love is the one force in this world that is stronger than anything else. It can get us through the good times and the hard times and for me, love is most important. So, I decided that it’s time to start sharing my love story. To share the hard times and the good times and all the things that make me who I am.
So, I’ll start with my husband and our story. Whenever I tell people that my husband and I are high school sweethearts, I get so many cute reactions. ‘Aww…..’, ‘Wow, that’s so cool’, ‘How cute!’. But what’s funny is that I honestly can’t even remember when we met. I was a junior in high school and I was dating this guy and we had been together for a few months. And I was head over heels for him! And I remember always hanging out with him and his friends. He always got a ride to school with his best friend, Geoff. And for lunch, we would all stuff into Geoff’s¬†little green truck and go to someone’s house and raid the kitchen. It was a blast! Well, this guy that I was head over heels for broke up with me the end of junior year and I was crushed! As any teenage girl would be. But, I was still friends with all of his friends because those are the only people I had hung out with for the past several months. So, it made getting over him a little difficult. But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
By the middle of the summer, I had started to move on and go on dates with other guys. But, there wasn’t really a spark with any of them. Then one day a bunch of my friends got together at Rigby Lake. My ex-boyfriend was going to be there and I almost didn’t go, but my best friend Lacie convinced me that I should, and I’m so glad I did. And guess who was there…… Geoff. I remember at first I didn’t really notice him because he was SUPER quiet. And I was always the girl that wanted an outgoing guy. But, I remember the whole time we were swimming, he was never far away from me. Which is super funny because I love swimming and he hates it. So, I remember him being freezing cold and of course, he’s trying to be all manly because he’s trying to impress a girl. He was trying to impress me….and I had NO IDEA!!!!!!! Until….we played this game where we all had to sit in a circle. So, I sat down pretty close to my friend Lacie and was one of the first ones sitting. Then Geoff walked all the way around the circle and sat down next to me. And finally I was like ‘What was that!?, He walked all the way around the circle, just to sit down right where he was before.’ And I was so confused, but at the same time I knew that something was different.
I started talking to him on Facebook and texting him with Lacie’s phone¬†(because I didn’t have one yet). Then one day, I was talking to Lacie (who was also friends with Geoff) and telling her that I thought I might be starting to like him. And she was ecstatic! Which caught me WAY off guard. I couldn’t figure out why she was so excited when I didn’t even know myself if I really liked him or not. So, a couple days later she called me out of the blue and said, ‘You need to get on Facebook, right now.’ And I was like, ‘What? Why?’. And she would NOT answer or tell me anything. So, I get on Facebook, and Geoff is on and starts talking to me. And he says, ‘So I figured out that I guess I like you.’ And by this point, I obviously liked him too. So, I said, ‘You guess?’. And he said, ‘Well, I do, I was just being careful’. And I told him, ‘I think I like you too’. And so, our story began.

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