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August 30, 2019

Should you elope? | Sarah’s Tips | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Eloping is so popular these days and it’s not hard to see why! It’s also not the same as it used to be, so here are a couple things to think about when deciding if eloping is right for you and your love!

Just because you are going to elope doesn’t mean you aren’t able to think about getting married! Eloping can still be planned and not just a spur of the moment thing! Getting married is a huge commitment and in the past, eloping has been something that people jump into quickly without thinking about the actual marriage part. But today it’s so different! Most couples that elope have actually been thinking about and been planning on getting married for quite some time. They want to make sure that the person they’re choosing to marry is right for them and that marriage is right for them at this time! So, yes, you can plan an elopement.

One of the major appeals for eloping is saving money! Weddings are a huge production these days and for couples that just want to get married and be with each other, eloping is such a good way to save money! You don’t have to feed a ton of people or spend money on decorations or even invitations! You don’t even need to spend years planning out all the little details for your wedding. The only people you need are an officiant, a photographer and maybe a videographer! That way, your loved ones can feel like they were a part of your day because it was still captured on camera!

Eloping is also so amazing for couples that want to get married in an unusual location! There aren’t as many people to account for so it’s super easy to just go wherever you and your love want and tie the knot there! You can pick somewhere that’s super secluded or somewhere with amazing views! It’s totally your choice and it’s so easy to take along 2 or 3 extra people instead of 200!

It’s also so perfect for couples that just want to take each other in! They want to focus completely on each other and on getting married. They don’t want to be worried about little details or talking to a million other people on their big day! And if you’re anything like me, that’s a huge draw! I’m such an introvert and thinking back, I would have loved to just spend the whole day with my love instead of worrying about reception details and talking to everyone! … I do think it’s important to celebrate with your friends and family but elope first and then have a small casual get together where people can congratulate you and ask you how it is to be married!

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