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March 10, 2023

Wedding Planning day of | Behind the Scenes | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

It’s your wedding day!!!!!!! AH!!!!! These days are SO exciting and SO nerve-racking! Getting married is a huge commitment and it is totally normal to feel ALL the feels that day! In the last behind the scenes post we talked about the wedding planning final details which include working with vendors and the final wedding timeline! But this post is all about wedding planning day of!

Which actually for me, really starts the day before. I make sure all the vendors know what time they need to be there to set up and I will make sure everything is ready for each vendor. If you choose to have a rehearsal dinner the day before, I will be there for that too! We will set up as if it’s the day of the wedding and I will direct everyone in the bridal party as if we are having the ceremony. I will make sure that family members who are not walking down the aisle know where they need to sit and are seated in time for the ceremony. I will line up the whole bridal party and we will practice walking down the aisle. Sometimes, this includes music and sometimes it doesn’t. Just depends how exact the bride and groom want to be! I will also make sure that the groom and officiant are placed at the ceremony before everything starts unless they will be walking down the aisle as well. Then you will practice walking down the aisle, we’ll go through the ceremony (minus the vows, unless you want to practice them) and then we’ll practice what will happen directly after the ceremony as well. We will go through this a few times until everyone is comfortable with where they need to be and when they need to be there!

After this, I’ll follow up with you on last minute details, make sure you have a copy of the wedding timeline and we’ll both head off to get a good nights sleep! The morning of your wedding, I will check in through text or in person if I am already on site and ensure that I will handle ALL the details! Before the wedding, I will actually get in contact with everyone involved, from vendors to family members to friends and bridesmaids and I will ask them to contact ME on wedding day for ANYTHING. I do not want them contacting the bride or groom unless it’s to help them get ready or say congratulations! This way, you can focus on just getting ready and getting married!

During this time, on the wedding planning day of I will be running around making sure all the vendors are setting up. I’ll make sure the ceremony space is set and looking good. I will direct the photographer and videographer to you so they can start their process and I will take care of everything in between! I’ll be there to grab you food and water if needed. I will make sure your groom is ready on time and I will direct guests as they arrive. I will be looking at your timeline and keeping an eye on the clock so we can ensure everything runs smoothly! And if there are any hiccups, I will take care of them immediately so you don’t have to worry about anything! I will make sure the reception is set up and the food will be ready on time and I will get you anything you need!

Remember that line-up we did for the rehearsal dinner? Now’s the time to do it for real! I will be directing everyone just like at the rehearsal so everything goes according to plan! During the ceremony, I will be keeping an eye on all the guests and vendors to make sure nothing interrupts your wedding! After the ceremony, I will direct you to where you need to be, whether that’s pictures or just having a moment by yourself! I will then direct guests to the cocktail or reception area and then I’ll be following that timeline the rest of the evening! For the rest of wedding planning day of I’ll be helping you with anything you need and at the end of the night we’ll send you off! I will follow up with vendors and family on some last minute details after you head out and you can definitely expect a follow up from me about a week after your wedding to make sure everything went how you wanted it to and to just congratulate you on getting married!

I hope these behind the scenes posts have really helped you to see how it would be to work with me as your wedding planner or wedding coordinator! I really love what I do and I am just so excited to serve as many couples as I can!!! And if you’re curious what a behind the scenes look at photography is after the wedding, you can head here and here!


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