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February 24, 2023

Wedding Planning Final Details | Behind the Scenes | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

We are finally to the wedding planning final details! These are the last steps that happen leading up to the wedding day! In the last post, the details of wedding planning, we talked about creating a Pinterest board like this one, budget spreadsheet, suggesting vendors and creating an event floor layout and seating chart. With the wedding planning final details, the next step is working with vendors!

I will be your point of contact for all vendors! When you are describing to me what specifics you’re looking for in a vendor, I’m taking notes and then I will usually do some research and send you a list of vendors to look into! You can contact them separately and book them or I can contact them for you and just have you sign the contract. Either way is great! But if I am the one managing the overall wedding budget, it’s sometimes easier for me to be the one that they communicate with. This just streamlines things and also makes it way easier on you! If you’d rather handle the budget and booking vendors, then you’ll just let me know which vendors you’ve booked, I’ll add it to the budget spreadsheet and once the wedding gets closer, I will reach out to each vendor to let them know that all the final details will go through me! This way, I know exactly what they need to set up, where they need to set up and any wedding planning final details that they’ll need to do the best job they possibly can for your wedding!

This is the time where I will be checking that budget spreadsheet constantly! I want to make sure that you have all your vendor deposits in and that your payments are being made on time! Most wedding vendors require payment in full before the wedding so we want to make sure that happens so they can provide the service you need on your wedding day! I’ll be reminding you of payments that need to be made and marking off when vendors are paid in full. I will also be going over ALL the wedding planning final details with each vendor. I will contact them all and discuss specifics to them about the wedding. I’ll be asking the florist how much time they need to set up and if they are delivering or if someone needs to come pick up flowers. I’ll be asking the caterer what utensils, kitchen equipment and tables they need so they can set up and what that timeline looks like. I’ll be asking the DJ if they need any additional information on timeline or song selection. I’ll be asking the officiant if they need the marriage license and any last minute details for the ceremony. I will check ALL the wedding planning final details so you don’t have to worry about anything!

And that leads us into the final wedding day timeline! I will create a final timeline to ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible! My job as an Idaho wedding planner and Idaho wedding coordinator is to take care of all the details and stress so you can just enjoy your day! Getting married is SO exciting and if I can make sure that you and your love are focused on each other and on enjoying your day, then my job is done! The final timeline will have all the details on it! From the time you wake up, to the time you leave the wedding venue, every detail will be there. I will send out the final timeline to all the vendors about a month to 2 weeks before the wedding and make sure all the last minute details are taken care of! Next up, the day of your wedding!

And if you’re curious about what a behind the scenes look at the day of your wedding with me as your photographer is, head here!


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