February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day | An Open Letter to Geoffrey | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Hey love,
I know that you don’t necessarily love Valentine’s Day but I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about the love I have for you and the love I have for our new baby girl and the love that I want to portray to others through my life and actions. And that love is not the kind of love that you see in big displays or gifts. It’s the kind of love that works quietly. That grows stronger with time and trial. The kind of love that doesn’t fade. The kind of love that God has for us and that you have for me.
I know it’s cheesy, but there’s a line in my favorite movie that I think of often. It’s from Charly. And at one point in the movie, she talks about love. She says to her husband Sam, ‘I never told you why I first fell in love with you did I?……That was it. In a world full of people afraid to believe in anything it was your wide eyed obstinate happily ever after faith. In life, in God and in me.’ And I know that you have that same faith in me. You have that same love for me. And it has carried me more times than I can count.
Adjusting to parenthood and having a new baby girl has probably been the hardest thing I’ve had to do. I’ve been tested in ways I didn’t expect and I’ve found strengths that I didn’t know I had. But the only reason I’ve been able to get through it is because of the Christ-like love you have for me and for our daughter. You’ve shown me what faith looks like. And you’ve given me the strength to believe in myself.
But you haven’t done this by getting me gifts or making outwards expressions of your love for me. You’ve done it by being an amazing father. By giving me hugs when I need them. By telling me to go to bed early. You’ve done it by taking care of Adalynn when I’m too frustrated or exhausted. By doing the dishes and taking out the trash. By telling me that I can do this and by telling me you love me. You’ve done it in the quiet moments. In the moments that you hold my hand and look into my eyes. In the moments that you play with Adalynn. In the everyday, real moments of our life. And I am so grateful for that and for you. I love you Geoffrey Tapp. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Love Sarah
Photo Credit ~ Michelle & LoganPhoto Credit ~ Mindy Weston Photography

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