April 22, 2022

29 things you might not know about me | A birthday post! | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

My 29th Birthday is on Sunday! And since it’s the last birthday of my 20’s and there’s some new followers around here, I decided it would be fun to do a kind of get to know me post! So, here are 29 things you might not know about me

~1~ I scrapbook with my sister every week and we even did it over face-time when I lived in Oregon

~2~ I am working on feeling my emotions more because I grew up ignoring them a lot

~3~ I don’t like reading fiction, only self help type books

~4~ I do yoga every night

~5~ I had Guillian barre syndrome when I was 12

~6~ I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis

~7~ I’m constantly afraid of failure

~8~ My favorite music and movies are ones that make me feel something, that touch my heart

~9~ I’m learning to be more vulnerable

~10~ I hate small talk, ya know, ‘how’s your day going?’, ‘do you have fun plans later?’ especially with cashiers at the store!

~11~ My love language is words of affirmation

~12~ I analyze everything

~13~ Sometimes I wear fuzzy socks, even in the summer

~14~ I was on my high school dance team my freshman year and I loved it! I miss dancing a lot

~15~ I was in choir from middle school to college and it was very rewarding and moving to me

~16~ I don’t think I’m very fun. Haha. But you WILL have fun at a session with me. Isn’t that an oxymoron! Lol 

~17~ I *try* to have my kids put away their toys every night because I like a tidy house!

~18~ I don’t like using headphones

~19~ I listen to podcasts when I’m driving by myself for more than 30 minutes. My all time favorite is ‘This is the gospel’ but right now I’m listening to ‘All in’

~20~ I don’t consider myself a girly person and I don’t love super girly things but I have 2 girls! 

~21~ If I wear makeup it’s only foundation and mascara. I’ll add in eye-shadow if it’s a special occasion

~22~ I swore I would never get a pixie cut because I didn’t want to be mistaken as a boy but I got my first pixie cut in 2020 and I LOVED it! 

~23~ I don’t like taking my own family pictures even though I’m a photographer

~24~ I love surprises! Good surprises, not scary ones

~25~ I hate doing dishes anytime after dinner

~26~ I LOVE decorating. In fact, I switch out decorations every month and I’m so religious about it that when my daughter went to my parents house and they didn’t switch decorations, she kept asking about it! Haha

~27~ I was born in Oregon and every time I would visit family that lived there growing up, I would always say I wanted to live there someday! It is SO pretty and green! We actually moved to the exact town I was born in 3 years ago and I miss it all the time! Hopefully someday we can move back! 

~28~ I have a farmhouse decorating style but there is NOTHING about me and my lifestyle that is farmhouse in ANY way

~29~ I had the idea to do this blog post a couple months ago and have been writing down ideas ever since! Can you see that I’m a planner!? Haha 

There they are! Now tell me something that I might not know about YOU! =)

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