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April 25, 2022

What to wear to a wedding as a guest | Sarah’s Tips | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Well, I don’t go to weddings much as a guest, but I know that lots of other people do and I have been to enough weddings to know what and what not to do! Haha. So, I wanted to create a post for what to wear to a wedding! Sometimes it can be hard to figure out the right outfit for such a special occasion! You don’t want to be too dressy, but don’t want to go in pjs either! So, here are some tips for what to wear to a wedding

First and foremost, DON’T WEAR ALL WHITE! This is a pretty hard and fast rule. Especially if the bride is wearing white. It is her day and you definitely don’t want to be mistaken for the bride. I will say, an exception to this rule would be if the bride is wearing a totally different color. If she’s wearing black or blue or even blush it would be okay to wear white. Just don’t go crazy. Wear something simple like a white cocktail dress and heels. 

This is a personal pet peeve of mine and maybe isn’t the end all be all, depending on the wedding. But don’t wear jeans. This is a special event and the least you can do is dress up a little! This especially goes for guys. Put on some dress pants and at least a polo. Now, if the groom is wearing jeans, that’s a different story, but for most weddings the groom will at least be in a suit. And for women, I wouldn’t saying wearing a dress is a must, but at least wear dress pants or a jumpsuit if you’re going to wear pants. 

Now, if you want to dress up for the wedding, that’s awesome! But let me share a few guidelines. If you are not part of the wedding party, don’t dress in the wedding colors. Let’s say the wedding colors are sage green and dusty rose. It would definitely be okay to wear olive green or bright pink because those are different enough that you wouldn’t be mistaken for the maid of honor or best man but I would stay away from anything light green or light pink. Another tip is to not go overboard. A lot of people love to get way dressed up for weddings but if the wedding is not a black tie event, you are going to stick out like a sore thumb! Keep it somewhere in the middle. Cocktail or knee length dresses are probably your best bet to be dressed up, but not sticking out. And for guys, maybe just wear dress pants and a white or patterned button up shirt and tie. 

My last piece of advice is about comfort! You are most likely going to be at this event for at least a couple hours. If you know you’ll be standing up a lot, don’t wear heels that are hard to walk in or hurt your feet. Pockets are always a plus especially if there’s not a set place to keep your things and having a little purse for valuables wouldn’t hurt either. Most of all, think about the couple and what they would want for their wedding day. You are going to their wedding to support and celebrate them! 

For more ideas on what to wear to a wedding, head to my Pinterest board here. And if you liked this post, you can also read about what to wear for a photo session here

what to wear to a wedding
what to wear to a wedding
what to wear to a wedding
what to wear to a wedding

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