August 26, 2020

Tapp Family | Personal

Well, this summer ended up being a little crazier than anticipated! We decided to make a trip home to Idaho and then went back not even 3 weeks later for my brother-in-laws wedding! And then I went back a week later for a wedding! So, it’s been non-stop traveling. But we were so glad we were able to see family and friends!

The first time we were in Idaho my mother-in-law really wanted to get some extended family photos. So, my brother-in-law Donnie (who is a crazy talented artist) and I set up our cameras and got some family photos! I must say I was a little worried it would be crazy but everything was so smooth and the 3 grand-girlies actually smiled for some pictures!

I’m so grateful for my extended family and the talent I have to bless us with images to remember this time. =) And you’ll see there’s only 1 with me because I was the one taking most of the pictures. haha!

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