August 12, 2020

Justin & Cassidy | Idaho Barn Wedding | Sarah Tapp Photography

When Cassidy contacted me telling me that her original photographer had cancelled on her and that she got my name from a past bride, I knew I had to photograph her wedding! Cassidy is so sweet and fun and I actually knew Justin from his brother’s wedding that I photographed a couple years ago! Right as I was leaving this wedding, they actually joked that they’d see me at the next one! haha.

But all jokes aside, Cassidy & Justin’s wedding was perfect! It was a warm sunny Idaho day and the barn was decorated beautifully! Cassidy really wanted to make sure that I captured Justin’s reaction to her in her dress. And let me just say, Cassidy was STUNNING from head to toe! Justin was so happy to see her and even started tearing up.

The ceremony was so sweet. The officiant counseled Cassidy and Justin to keep God in their marriage and he offered a prayer during the ceremony. At one point, the officiant addressed the guests. He told everyone to be ‘for the marriage’. He said we were all witnesses and we needed to help Justin and Cassidy keep their marriage strong. While the officiant was talking to the guests I snuck back and captured a moment of pure joy between this couple right before they became man and wife. Justin could not WAIT to kiss Cassidy after they said their ‘I do’s’ and the whole time we were taking photos after, I could hardly get him to look at the camera!

I was struck by the overwhelming feeling of love throughout the whole event as I saw family members and friends congratulate the new couple and all the little moments that this couple shared together in between. I am so happy for Justin & Cassidy and so grateful I was able to be a part of their big day. Congrats you two!

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