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May 11, 2022

Prom Mini Session | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

I don’t think I’ve actually photographed a prom mini session before, but I had kind of a last minute inquiry and I really wanted to help! Brittany was so grateful that I was able to get these kids in for this session and I was so happy that I had a free Saturday night so I could! We decided to use the BYUI-gardens on campus in Rexburg Idaho because that’s one of the only easy places to find that is somewhat green right now. Thanks Idaho, for the crazy long winter! 

I headed up to Rexburg and it felt so nostalgic to me. I went to school at BYUI while my now husband was serving his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So, I have some bittersweet memories of campus. I haven’t been up to the BYUI campus in about 3 years, so it was a little crazy for me. Haha. Lots of feelings and memories associated with that place. … Once I got to the gardens, I walked around a little bit to find a good spot for photos, and there were a bunch of other kids there for prom photos! I didn’t know what my group looked like because I had never met them, I just had a name! So, I started walking up to people and asking them what they’re names were! Haha! I’m sure they all thought I was a creep! Eventually I found the right couples and we got started! 

It was SO fun to be able to pose and photograph mostly Rigby High School couples! My husband and I both graduated from Rigby High School and that’s when our love story started. So, not only did I have memories coming to me from college, but then as I was photographing these couples, I had memories coming back to me from High School too! These couples were SO cute and most of them were shy which is like an added bonus for me because then I can get them out of their shell a little bit, which I love doing as a photographer! We did individual shots of each couple and then a group shot, shots of the guys and shots of the girls. The guys all knew each other and played football together at Rigby. For their shot, they all wanted to wear their state champ rings which was a cool added touch! 

I had a blast photographing this prom mini session and talking a little walk down memory lane to when my husband and I went to High School dances together! Headed home determined to get a little bit of that High School dating magic back! Haha. 


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