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May 13, 2022

Vendor Highlight | The Venue Rigby | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

When I had just started in the wedding industry as a beginning photographer, I was going to a lot of styled shoots, networking meet ups and bridal fairs. I can’t even remember when I met the owner of the Venue Rigby but it must have been after she had started her business with the Venue. I remember being a part of Facebook groups and she was looking for feedback about naming her venue. There was a group of photographers and creatives that just supported one another and I was so lucky to be part of it! 

I think I officially met Nicole after I had signed up to be a vendor at the Marry Market several years ago. It was a bridal fair she had put together with wedding vendors throughout the area. And I LOVED it! Everything was so organized and after the event, we did a styled shoot on the spot! It became a tradition for the next couple Marry Markets and I always looked forward to it! 

I have worked with Nicole over the years on different styled shoots and I’ve used the Venue and White Studios many times for sessions. I’ve also attended many different events at the Venue and had a great experience every time. Nicole and her staff are always so kind and prompt. The space has always been open when I needed it and they make sure you know exactly what to do when you leave and they do it all with smiles on their faces! 

The Venue has vintage charm but with modern touches. The main feature brick wall that goes from front to back on the right side is a gorgeous and textured backdrop for any event! There is a cute dance floor in the middle of the venue with a chandelier above it and a cozy fireplace that makes the perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies. The wood throughout creates an inviting feeling and the wall to wall windows in the front let in tons of natural light. There’s also a large bride’s room, 2 restrooms and a kitchen at the back, not to mention the bar seating towards the back as well. 

Across the street is the white studio that is smaller and more modern with all white walls, windows along the front and a small kitchenette in the back for events. They also have the game studio and the court studio, perfect for hang outs and sports! 

More recently, I have been trying to grow my business and have had lots of questions. I contacted Nicole and she has been MORE than willing to answer anything she can and help me to be successful. I am so grateful for her and for the experience she has in owning and running the Venue that she is so willing to share! I am currently working on a project with the venue that I am hoping to announce soon! I am SO excited for it and Nicole has been so encouraging and kind while I work out all the kinks and get it ready! 

If you need a space for almost ANY event, The Venue Rigby is the way to go! 

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