June 24, 2019

On the move | Personal | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Oh my goodness, life has been crazy lately! My husband graduated from BYU-I with a BA in Mechanical Engineering back in April. The little rental house we were living in was getting too small and we knew we wanted to upgrade. So after telling the owners, they decided to sell the house and it was literally on the market for 2 days before it sold! So, we moved out and moved in with my parents about a month before Geoff graduated. Then a week before he graduated he got a job offer at a company in Idaho Falls. And I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Not because I wasn’t excited for him to have a job, but because I was ready to move away! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE living close to family and friends but I’m so done with this crazy Idaho weather! So, I was hoping to go somewhere else for a while. And when my husband got the job offer in Idaho Falls, I was underwhelmed. But, I knew we needed income and it sounded like it would be an okay fit for him. So, we started to look for an apartment and signed a lease and moved out of my parents house on April 6th, right before Geoff graduated.

We celebrated Geoff’s graduation and he started working the day he graduated! He was okay with the work he was doing but the hours were pretty inconsistent which he didn’t really like. And neither did I. But sometimes you just do what you have to and you figure things out! So, we started to get comfortable and settled in our new place and just when I was getting used to the idea of staying here…my husband got an email from a company in Oregon saying they wanted to do a phone interview with him. This was about 2 weeks after Geoff just started his new job. …UH, FOR REAL!? We were so frustrated that this didn’t happen before Geoff graduated and I was so annoyed because we were JUST getting settled and I was finally comfortable with staying here instead of moving.

But, Geoff couldn’t pass up this opportunity. It was a job in aviation, which is exactly what he wants to do. So, he emailed back and let them know when he was available for a phone interview. The interview went really well and they said they wanted to fly him out for an in person interview. So, he flew out on May 31st for the interview and everything went really well. He got a job offer the next Friday and accepted right away!

It has been a whirlwind and we wish the timing would have been a little different, but God knew exactly when and what we needed. We’ve had to figure out how to get out of our current lease, Geoff had to quit a job that he was only working at for 2 months and we had to find housing in Oregon in a CRAZY market. But, we did it! Everything is set in place for our move on June 30th, just in time for Geoff to start his new job on July 2nd!

And now that I was happy to stay here, I’m sad to be leaving. To be leaving the place I grew up in. The place where I know the street names and where I run into at least one person I know at the grocery store. And most of all, I’m sad to be leaving my family and friends and I’m scared to be in a new place where I don’t have that. But…I know that we’re supposed to be in Oregon. And I know that God will be with us and He’ll strengthen us and help us to find a new home there.

But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back! This area is our home and both our families are here so we’ll be planning lots of trips to come back and see all of you! As for my business, I will still be taking on select weddings here in Idaho but my main focus will be in Oregon! I’m excited to serve a whole new group of couples in that area and to continue serving you as well! Here’s to new adventures!

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