June 19, 2019

Hadden Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Ah!!! Morgan & Jay are married! Their wedding was on a perfect Idaho summer day! Thank goodness the crazy rain we’ve been having held out for us! Right when Morgan & Jay came out of the Idaho Falls Temple, I could see the excitement and happiness on their faces! They were so wrapped up in each other and I loved seeing them right after they became husband and wife!

Their family and friends were so fun and were so excited for them! They gave lots of hugs and Jay’s groomsmen even tackled him with a huge group hug! And speaking of the bridal party, they were hilarious! At one point, I told them that on the count of 3 they were going to do whatever they wanted for a silly picture! Well, they pretty much tackled the couple and it was so fun! The groomsmen even threw Jay up in the air a couple times!

And then their backyard reception was so beautiful and they had so many people there to celebrate with them! I always tear up during the dances. Morgan shared a dance with her dad first and it was so sweet. Morgan’s the oldest of 4 and I know that it was bittersweet for her parents to see her get married. Of course, they were so happy for her, but were sad to be ‘loosing’ her. Though, they gained an amazing son-in-law. And being a mom myself, even though my girls are super young still, I can see a little bit where they’re coming from. But Jay & Morgan were seriously made for each other and they are so in love! Congrats you two!

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