June 26, 2019

Katie & Daniel | Idaho Open House | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Katie & Dan met through Dan’s cousin (who is also Katie’s best friend), Laikynne. Katie came up to visit with Laikynne and when she met Dan she had an immediate crush on him! They met right after Dan graduated High School but Katie was still in High School. Katie would always come up for visits with Laikynne and the last time they came up for Thanksgiving, she thought she was over Dan. But, when she saw him again she realized she wasn’t. So, Laikynne finally set them up and the rest is history!

Kaite is from Utah and Daniel is from Idaho so most of their relationship has been long distance. They would take turns traveling on weekends just to see each other. They got engaged January of 2019 and then Daniel moved to Utah 2 months before him and Katie got married so they could be closer to each other! They sealed the deal on June 1st, 2019 in the Salt Lake City temple and then had an open house here in Idaho on June 8th!

As I was photographing the open house and capturing details, I stood behind one of their set-ups to get a different perspective. And this is when I saw more of their story. They had pictures hanging from light strands and on the back of several of these pictures were cute little notes to Katie from Daniel. When I asked them about it, Daniel said he was trying to surprise Katie. So, every time she would leave her room before they got married, Daniel would take a picture that was hanging on her wall and write a little note on it and then put it back. How cute is that!? I love that they displayed them at their open house too! Katie & Daniel were so sweet and I loved getting to know them and their families. Congrats you two!

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