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February 21, 2018

Mystery Dinner Date | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Well, I know Valentine’s Day was last week, but you could do this date for any holiday or just for fun!! I made a quick Mystery Dinner Menu and everything was a surprise! I made a bunch of different heart shaped foods because it was Valentine’s Day. But you could do green foods for St. Patricks, or just new fun bite sized recipes! Geoffrey just hung out while I cooked and when everything was ready I told him to come to the table! He filled out his menu and I served him food in that order! It was fun for me too because I had forgotten which foods I assigned to what number so I was just guessing! He had dessert first and so did I! haha. This date was so fun and didn’t cost a lot. It’s a perfect spin on dinner at home! =)

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