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February 14, 2018

3 Ways To See Positive Qualities In Your Partner | Love Will Overcome | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I love this holiday and not because I get gifts or because I’m a sappy person (I am kind of a sappy person), but because it’s a day that I get to focus on love!!! Sometimes we get caught up in the daily routines that we forget to work on loving those around us. I know in my life I can get complacent. I get too comfortable and I forget to really focus on the good things. So, I’d love to share some tips for how to see positive qualities in our partner! My husband is so amazing and he constantly uplifts and strengthens me, but sometimes I fail to see it. So I’m hoping this can be as much of a reminder to me as it is to you to take time to see the positive in others!

1 ~ Journal Prompts

We are a little tight on money right now so I was trying to think of something creative to give Geoffrey for Valentine’s Day. I was looking up ideas on Pinterest (no shame!) and I came across this PIN. It’s 14 days of love letters and I have loved writing these for my husband! These prompts have really got me thinking and helped me realize some important qualities that my husband has that I had forgotten about. And this is just one example. There are tons more prompts like this. Just search ‘love letter prompts’  or ‘love letter ideas’ in Pinterest.

2 ~ ‘I love you because’

We have a magnet board in our room with 2 whiteboard markers and it says, ‘I love you because…’. Each day I try to update what I write on it. I’ll think of something that happened the day before that made me smile or laugh or even made me feel appreciated or loved. I try to think of something different everyday and then I write in on the board. And, I’m not sure if Geoffrey reads them everyday or even notices that there’s something different on the board, but it always helps me. It helps me love him more and be thankful for everything he does for me and our family.

3 ~ Texting or Snap-chatting throughout the day

I am not a snap-chatter, but I do love texting Geoffrey. We went through a month or so without texting each other during the day when he’s at school and I could tell something was off but couldn’t figure out what it was. When I finally mentioned texting, it was like a lightbulb went off! We just needed to stay in touch throughout the day. Now, I know some people can’t have their phones at work/school but everyone has a lunch break right?! Even if you can’t text during the day, make it a habit to call your partner at lunch. Make it a daily lunch date over the phone.  I promise this simple thing will strengthen your relationship and help you stay connected all day long. I know it has helped us. =)

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