November 29, 2021

Life update | Personal | Sarah Tapp Photography

Oh man, things are CRAZY around here! When Geoff and I decided to move our family back to Idaho, one of the main reasons was because the cost of living is lower here than in Oregon (or it was). I got a full-time job as a real-estate photographer and Geoff was able to keep his Oregon job and just work remotely! And since my job needed me to start pretty soon after interviewing, we just decided we would move in with family and save up to buy land and build our dream house! Well, as life goes, we had lots of financial setbacks. Nothing major, just little things adding up so we hadn’t even started really saving yet. … And this move back to Idaho has been really hard on me and my oldest daughter Adalynn. She’s only 4, but man has she struggled. She’s been clingy, winey, scared of EVERYTHING and just not a happy camper. … My husband and I kept trying to figure out how to help her and how to get used to living here again. … And really, we were just trying to find a way to make all of us happier.

… Well, like I said, my new job is a real estate photographer. So, I’m photographing houses pretty much everyday. Some of them are WAY over anything we could ever afford and some are just quaint and probably not enough space for our family. … I didn’t take this job to find a house. But, one day, I showed up to a listing shoot at a house in Rigby that was only a year old and was just the square footage and bedrooms we would need. … Geoff and I had started to think about buying a house instead of building just to see if it would make things any better for our family. … I walked up to the front door of the house and the homeowners were frantically trying to get things ready and get their kids wrangled so they could head out and let me photograph their home. … And I instantly felt peace. … It felt like I was finally home again and I could picture our family living there. … I quickly asked the homeowners how much they were going to sell for and for the next few days, my husband and I were crunching alllll the numbers trying to figure out if we could make it work and if this was the right fit for us.

It’s crazy how fast things go, but we made an offer, had a counter offer and then accepted! … It’s not great buying a house in this market, but since we’ve closed and moved in, our girls are SO much happier! … Don’t get me wrong, we are SO grateful that we were able to move in with family and that they were willing to let us share their space. … But there’s just something so different about having your own home. Having a place to call yours and somewhere you can just rest and find peace. … I’m sure our lives will continue to be crazy, but I’m so grateful that everything worked out how it has and that we were able to find a little piece of heaven for our family!

We haven’t given up on building our dream home, but we decided that for now, we’ll be happy with what we can afford and work towards our dream while still having the comfort of our own home. … Can’t wait to see what’s next! (Picture to come soon, after I can get everything organized and all the decorations up! haha!)

  1. Alyssa Vance says:

    Yay!! Congrats! I am so stinking thrilled for you guys. Having your own space is incredibly important. I am so glad things worked out so perfectly for you, God had a major part in this, it seems. <3

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