November 19, 2021

Happy 3rd Birthday Embree! | A letter to my daughter | Sarah Tapp Photography

Embree girl!

It’s your 3rd birthday and I am so excited for you!!! You are such a light in our lives! This past year, we’ve had tons of changes (well, your whole life has been full of changes) but you have handled it like a champ! You are SO laid back and easy to love! You just go with the flow and have fun along the way! You give the absolute BEST snuggles, hugs and kisses! I love that you are so attached to your blankies and that you shove the corner of them right up your nose! haha! I love that you find joy in the smallest things and you always want to play duck duck goose! It is SO fun watching you grow and learn and become your little self! You do have a sassy side but that’s what makes you, you! Thank you for being such a bright spot in our lives, I couldn’t imagine our family without you! I love you sweet pea!

Love mom

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