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July 22, 2020

LacieAnne | Headshots | Sarah Tapp Photography

Well, I’ve mostly been posting weddings and have started posting a few families but I had so much fun shooting these headshots that I just decided to post them too! Ah, what can I say about this amazing lady!?

This is my best friend Lacie! She is so spunky, fun and probably the MOST caring person I know! Her and her love Michael came up over memorial day weekend back in May! They helped us put up wallpaper in our new house and we had to do a session while they were here!

Lacie is so amazing and has had many interests since I have known her (which has been about 10 years now. Holy cow, we’re getting old). But amongst her favorite has been music. We were in choir together in High School and she was also in band. She is always singing and I’m sure she constantly has music playing in her head. We actually wrote a song together in High School and I’ve stopped, but she hasn’t. She is an AMAZING singer and songwriter.

She is currently working on her 1st album and I am SO EXCITED for her! She writes and sings with SO much love and passion that it’s hard not to feel something when you hear. She is such a loving person and she just wants to spread that love around! If you wanna check out her music you can find it here!

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