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July 17, 2020

3 fun game ideas for your wedding reception | Sarah Tapp Photography

Well, I would not consider myself a super fun person. haha. So, I have to work extra hard to figure out how to have fun! My wedding reception was pretty boring. Most people just ate dessert and sat around. My siblings actually started playing a card game because they were so bored! So, I have a couple ideas to help you and your guests have fun at your wedding reception!

~ 1 ~ The shoe game ~ Ah! I LOVE this one! So, you and your fiance will pull together a list of questions about your relationship. Or you can ask a family member or friend to organize it! The questions will be like, ‘Who’s the better driver?’, ‘Who cooks more?’, ‘Who said ‘I love you’ first?’, ‘Who is a happier morning person?’ etc. And then you and your love will sit on chairs back to back and take both shoes off! Each of you will have one of your own shoe and one of your love’s shoes. Then as the questions are asked, you’ll hold up who’s shoe you think best fits the answer. But you won’t be able to see each other! haha! It’s SO fun for your guests to be able to get to know you a little better and to see if you answer all the questions the same!

~ 2 ~ Yard games ~ There are so many fun backyard oversize games that you can set up if you’re having an outdoor wedding! Yardzee (spin off yatzee), giant jenga, outdoor bowling, cornhole, kerplunk, giant tic tac toe, croquet, horsehoe, ring toss, giant checkers and the list goes on! Just type any of these ideas into Pinterest and you will have a whole list of how to make them, where to get them and which ones will suit your wedding best!

~ 3 ~ Card/Board games ~ Now, I know I said earlier that my siblings were so bored that they decided to play a card game. But, actually having card and board games on the tables can be SO fun for your guests! My best friend decided she really wanted people to have fun at her wedding. But, she got married indoors and she knew that not all her guests would want to dance. So, she gathered a bunch of different 2-4 player games and just set them in the middle of each table! Then the guests that didn’t want to dance still had something fun to do at their table!

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