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July 29, 2020

Jacob & Kaitlyn | Idaho Proposal & Engagements | Sarah Tapp Photography

My husband Geoff comes from a family of all boys. He has 4 brothers and he was the first to get married! His older brother got married about 6 months after we did and now it’s his next youngest brothers turn! Woohoo! Jacob is awesome! He is so quiet and normally pretty shy so we were a little shocked when he told us he was getting married!

We planned a trip to Idaho before we knew Jacob was getting married. But we were super excited to be able to just spend some time with family and get to know Jacob’s fiance Kaitlyn a little bit before the wedding. Well, right before we left, we found out that Jacob hadn’t proposed yet even though they already had a wedding date set and basically everything planned! haha! Jacob had to buy the ring online because lots of stores are closed right now. (dang covid). But he told us the ring would be coming while we were visiting. So, I offered to help and take pictures of the proposal and some engagement pictures if they wanted them!

And it was SO FUN! Jacob wanted everything to be really simple so he told Kaitlyn that I wanted to take some pictures of them at the Idaho Falls Temple (which is where they’re getting married). I hid around the corner and he walked over close to where I was, got down on his knee and proposed! It was SO cute and Kaitlyn was BEYOND EXCITED!

Then we met at Geoff’s older brother, Donnie’s house for some family pictures and I snapped some quick engagements of Jacob and Kaitlyn! I am so excited for these two and can’t wait to celebrate with them THIS FRIDAY on their wedding day!!!

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