November 19, 2022

Happy 4th Birthday Embree | A Letter to my Daughter | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Embree girl!

You are 4 years old! Part of me can’t believe you’re already 4 and part of me has wondered how it’s taken so long! haha! Just in this last year, your little personality has come out SO much! You are SO funny and so full of life! I love it when you make up little songs about everything, always to the same tune, and always at the top of your lungs! We are CONSTANTLY telling you to be quieter and to sit still! Even when you’re sick, you’re still moving everywhere! I don’t think you have an off button unless you are literally sound asleep or *sometimes* when you’re watching a movie. You need so much less sleep than Adalynn and I’m constantly worried that you’re not getting enough sleep! You give the absolute BEST hugs and your little laugh is the cutest! You are so imaginative and can sit and play with your toys for hours, making up little stories and characters. You are always wanting to play and have fun and are so determined! You’re a great helper (when you want to be) and you help me remember to loosen up! You have started talking way more and I can actually understand what you’re saying now! haha. You are learning your letters and you definitely know the letter E for Embree! I think you even know how to count to 10! You love exploring and are curious about everything! Preschool is your favorite and you love playing with friends! You hate pull-up changes, but refuse to be potty trained. …But you still have 2 years until Kindergarten so I guess it’s okay. You still always want to sit on my lap and try to climb on me if I am sitting down anywhere. You like to hang out with daddy in the garage and you LOVE cars! I’m so grateful for you a the light you bring to our family! Happy 4th Birthday Embree! Love you!

Love Mom


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