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Graham cracker houses | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Well, if you are anything like us then that means that you pretty much hibernate during the winter. haha! We get out and do fun things occasionally, but mostly we like to be snuggled up in our warm house during the freezing Idaho winters! But sometimes, that gets a little boring. So, we are always looking for fun indoor dates for the winter!

This year, we made graham cracker houses! Neither Geoff or I really love the taste of gingerbread so we just decided to buy some graham crackers and use those for our houses! Yummier and cheaper. Then we made some special graham cracker glue to help our graham cracker houses stay together!

We dyed some of the frosting fun colors and used leftover holiday candy to decorate our houses. Geoffrey made a dilapidated bungalow and I made an ice-skating rink! It was so fun to get creative and spend time being a little kid again. And we cannot believe that Geoffrey’s house kept standing! We left them out for a while after we made them and his lasted for SO LONG! We were both amazed. =)

Graham cracker house frosting

3 egg whites

1 lb powdered sugar

1/2 t cream of tarter

Beat until stiff peaks form. Keep covered

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