August 21, 2019

Deneece & Josh | Idaho Anniversary | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Deneece & Josh were so fun! I’ve known Deneece for a couple years now and she started Rigby Wedding Rentals about the same time I started my photography business. So, I’ve loved being able to collaborate with her on different events and watch her business flourish!

Deneece and Josh have such a fun relationship! They were a little nervous when we started our session but came out of their shells so fast! After 18 years, they’ve still got it! I was so surprised when Josh suggested carrying Deneece on his shoulders but it was so fun! And I’m sure it made them feel like newlyweds all over again! At one point, I asked them to just dance together for a few minutes. And right as they placed their hands in each others, Deneece said, ‘Can I lead?’ and Josh so lovingly replied, ‘Don’t you always?’ with such a sweet smile on his face! I loved photographing these two and seeing that your love can grow stronger after 18 years!

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