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May 11, 2023

Best Wedding DJ’s in Idaho | Vendor Feature Series | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

A good DJ can make or break your wedding! Hiring a good DJ is an investment you WILL NOT regret! Today for my Vendor Feature Series, I am going over the Best Wedding DJ’s in Idaho!

First up is Wildfire Entertainment based in Southeast Idaho! I have personally worked with the owner Chris at weddings and I would argue that he is the best in the business here in Idaho! He knows exactly what he’s doing and works hard to create the BEST wedding he can for YOU! When I asked him why he first started his business over 6 years ago he said, ‘When I started, it was because I wanted to be cool and get attention. Now, it’s all about helping couples get the most out of their days from behind the scenes’. And that is EXACTLY what Chris and his team do! They ‘DJ, MC, plan, and coordinate. [They] make it a habit to go above and beyond to give [couples] an experience they didn’t know they could have. [Chris’] favorite part is seeing [couples] faces (and their guests faces) light up when they feel that emotional connection that is uniquely present on wedding days’. Uh, I LOVE that! As wedding professionals, we seriously LOVE and LIVE for moments like these! Chris’ best advice to couples planning their wedding is to ‘imagine it’s a week AFTER your wedding: what was the most important to you? Was it the food? The flowers? The photos? The party? Set your budget accordingly. Secondary to that: Set a schedule and put someone in charge of running that schedule. I can’t stress how important this is’. In the wedding world, we call this schedule a wedding day timeline and it is SO important to have one! You can read more about why in my WEDDING TIMELINE TIPS blog post. …Now back to the Best Wedding DJ’s in Idaho! There’s a reason why Wildfire Entertainment has the word ‘entertainment’ in their business title. It’s because that’s what they do!!!! Chris and his team are SO GOOD at making weddings FUN! Especially for the couple AND the guests. If you attend a wedding where Wildfire Entertainment is hired I promise you will not be sitting bored for 2 hours (unless you want to). There will be plenty of opportunities to get up and have fun and interact with the other guests AND the couple, which is the whole reason you’re there, right!? Wildfire Entertainment usually books out 6 months to a year and a half in advance and their prices range from $1500-$5000. Their travel area is ‘generally within 4 hours of Eastern Idaho‘. ~ INSTAGRAM ~ FACEBOOK ~ WEBSITE


Another great DJ based in Idaho Falls Idaho is A & B Productions! The owner Tyler started his first DJ business in 1987! He said, ‘I was in a band which didn’t really work out. But I loved the excitement of Audio Production. A friend of mine suggested DJing, hesitant at first, but decided to go for it and I have never looked back. Went full time in the industry in 2002’. Tyler ‘love[s] … creating lasting memories for people… [and] being in a happy, positive place… [and] the energy and excitement! [Tyler] love[s] helping people plan their dream wedding‘. A & B Productions pricing starts at $1295 and they will travel anywhere as long as they know they can do the best job possible for you! They usually book a year in advance but have a team so can accommodate multiple weddings on each date. Tyler’s advice to couples planning their wedding is to ‘find the best people to help you. Also plan around the guests being entertained. The order of your wedding is more important than the timing. This is a highlight of your life, make it the best experience possible. This has taken us years of experience to figure out the best order and why it’s important’. And if you mention this blog post A & B Productions will give you a 6 up light package for free! (normally a $120 upgrade) ~ INSTAGRAM ~ FACEBOOK ~ WEBSITE

A couple more of the best wedding DJ’s in Idaho are JAYBAY DJ based in Idaho Falls Idaho and DJ JESSE D based in Boise Idaho! And an AWESOME wedding MC based in East Idaho is EAST ID MC THOMAS SCOTT. And if you’re looking for more wedding vendors you can head to my last Vendor Feature Series blog post on WEDDING DECOR RENTALS AND DECORATORS IN SOUTHEAST IDAHO!

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