April 10, 2019

A Graduation Letter to Geoffrey | Personal | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Hey Love, I can’t believe this day is finally here! You’re graduating! And I couldn’t be more proud. When we first got married and you went back to school I didn’t think much of it. I knew you would get a degree and take care of me and our family. Little did I know how hard the road ahead of us would be. From having to re-take classes and taking a year off when I was pregnant and had our first baby girl, to taking a forced break because of your mom’s cancer and your dad passing away between semesters this last year, it’s been a whirlwind. I know you thought of transferring schools but decided it would be too complicated so you stuck it out. And you’ve shown me that you’ll do anything for our family. And I could not be more grateful.

Even though you haven’t been able to provide for us financially for the last few years, you’ve still done everything you can to support me and encourage me and our girls. And now it’s time for you to be the bread-winner and I know you’ll do a great job! You are just like your dad in that way. You’ll do everything you have to to make sure we’re taken care of and that is a huge blessing for me and the girls. I know school isn’t really your thing and you’ve struggled but YOU MADE IT! And I am SO proud! I love you Geoffrey Tapp! Here’s to our next adventure!

Love, your wife! <3

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