April 3, 2019

Tasha & Austin | A Sweetheart Session | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

I love this couple! I met Tasha in Middle School and she was a friend of a friend. It wasn’t until High School that we got close and started hanging out more often. Her and I and a couple other friends made a goal our senior year to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead once a week! We got up at like 5am and drove to Idaho Falls to make sure we would be back to school in time by around 8am. After we graduated, she moved to Utah for school and I stayed around here. She eventually ended up back here and we were roommates at BYUI. Her and Austin dated off and on in High School but he went to Ririe and we went to Rigby so I didn’t really know him. But, he got home from his mission when Tasha and I were roommates so I was able to get to know him more. He is so hilarious and is so passionate. Tasha is so fun and quirky and they fit together perfectly! When she told me they were engaged, I was so excited for her! They got married in July of 2014 and I was able to take pictures at their beautiful outdoor wedding reception in the backyard of their grandparents house where they actually live now with their almost 2 year old daughter. Right after Tasha & Austin got married, (on the first day of their honeymoon) they got in a super bad car accident and ended up really hurt. Tasha was in a back brace for what seemed like forever and now she has a rod in her back! Austin had broken ribs and a few other problems too. They started their married life of physically hurt and dealing with tons of legal issues regarding the accident. It affected their marriage and their lives but I have never seen a couple come out of such a hard situation with so much positivity and gratefulness. Tasha is a fighter. She’s been such an amazing example to me of faith and perseverance. She never gives up and now that she’s a mom, she does everything she can for her little family. Her and Austin have been through SO much but they couldn’t be more right for each other and I am SO glad I had the opportunity to photograph them in this time of their life.

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