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I met Emily through church a few years ago when we lived in a small little house in Rigby, Idaho and were just starting our family. Emily was always so kind and thoughtful and I had gotten together with her a couple different times. At the time, she had 3 or 4 kids and was the best mom! And still is! I was still doing photography back then and she contacted me to do 6 year old portraits for her oldest daughter, who had just turned 6 years old. It was one of the first times I had done portraits of a little kid (other than my nieces and nephews) so I was so excited that she had asked me to capture this time in her daughter’s life! That session went so well and Alice was SO cute! Fast forward a few years and her next daughter Evelyn was turning 6 too! Emily wanted to schedule a 6 year old portraits session with her just like we did with Alice!

So, we got it on the calendar and picked a location! In hindsight, a location by the river may have not been the best idea with small children. haha. But, it was SO pretty and Evelyn did really well! She was a little shy at first and I had to give her some prompts to get her to open up a bit. But that is exactly what I do as a photographer! I have been photographing families and couples for over 7 years and I know just what to say to help you feel relaxed and comfortable! I don’t love all the stuffy posed photos. Yes, I’ll take a couple of you looking at the camera smiling. But my favorite photos are the ones that show movement and emotion! And I know just what to do to get those! For Evelyn, it was telling her to run towards me without looking at me and to hold her dress and sway back and forth.

By the end of the session, she was so comfortable with me that she was even okay with her mom taking her siblings back to the car while we got a couple more photos! Evelyn is the sweetest little girl and I loved taking her 6 year old portraits!

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