September 16, 2020

Zoey & Jacob | Oregon Hilltop Wedding | Sarah Tapp Photography

Oh my goodness! Jacob & Zoey’s wedding was SO UNIQUE! Of course, COVID has been throwing a wrench in everyone’s wedding plans and this was no exception. Their original plan included so many more family members and friends but their wedding was beyond gorgeous and still so amazing! They got married at Zoey’s childhood home overlooking the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. They had about 20 family members and close friends and then set up a video call for everyone else to be there with them virtually.

The ceremony set up was un-real! And so unique. Zoey & Jacob are definitely quirky and I had so much fun hearing about and seeing all the little details they incorporated throughout their ceremony and reception. Zoey’s dad suffered from a stroke and is now in a wheel chair but that didn’t stop him from walking his daughter down the aisle. And it was beautiful. The moment Jacob saw Zoey he teared up and even I could see it. The officiant was a close friend and started out by telling the story of how Zoey & Jacob met. She was working at a coffee shop and Jacob started ordering from her and quickly became a regular. They finally bonded over music and went on their first date to barnes and noble. They have 2 cute pups and share many adventures together. When Zoey & Jacob read their vows at the end of each they said, ‘You’re the Morticia to my Gomez’, and ‘You’re the Gomez to my Morticia’.

The rest of the night was filled with beautiful toasts and memories of the couple, separate and together. And of course there was great food and tons of laughter! You can just tell that this couple knows how to live life to the fullest and they enjoy every moment they can. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be there with them and to capture this beautiful day. Congrats Zoey & Jacob!

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